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been there…

14 Jul

wolfmother at the arena open air with thunderstorm and rain, which left me soaked to the panty in less than 2 minutes. BUUUT what a concert if you don’t leave with a ringing sound in your ears and your head spinning…what happened to that? what happened to the youth? they all got rainjackets with them and not one was complaining about the volume or lack of it…THAT’s what you get if you feed them wholeweat bread and make them wear helmets while riding their bikes…an army full of sissies. merde. (by the way they ARE a brilliant live band. must be LOUDER.)

a week before on the other hand i watched a young woman living in a cage where she buried the sword which cut of her fathers head…waiting for her soulless brother to return and cut of her mothers head…who made human sacrifices so her guilty feelings over beheading her husband would disappear…and NO i have not been watching game of thrones (well i totally have but not THAT week…lord snow..anyone?…white walkers…brrrrr…jeoffrey…grrrrr)..i went to the opera to see elektra…which was a nice change from 5 hour wagner stuff…as it’s 1:45 long and without a break.. 🙂