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me hates em.

30 Apr

well given the last month of unbelieveable funny cinematic home experience starting from logans run to outland and some other in the year 2525 visions… i must say somethings did happen and somethings don’t…well we sure ain’t flyin in cars but we got mobile phones and bad food…what nobody did predict was the energy saving lamp (is that what you call it? the energiesparlampefuck?)…imagine sigourney weaver running through the nostromo turning on the light and …… 10 minutes later a fucking funsl is burning…NOWAY.

if you are trying to break in and you have some idiot backup who pushes the light switch, no problem. you can enter, clear out the safe, make a sandwich, pee, water the flowers and be out and there is still no light. despite clearing out the safe thats what life is going to be for all of us…have i made my point. me hates em.

i want my bulbs back.