i guess i must be having fun.

16 Jan

it’s the official her majesty – queen of chicken breast cheek implants – exhusbands week in the household of w.

first sherlock, then cheyenne. sherlock was fun while it lasted, forgotten shortly afterwards but me likes her RDJ on a regular basis so keep him coming.

cheyenne was a total different deal. first: i‘ ve seen it twice in 5 days and second: THE SONG got stuck in my head. over and over again. and third: i still like it. (maybe because it’s playing louder than all the other songs my head is currently playing, theres an „arab version of the barbapapas – czech version of traktor tom – the mouse from mars theme“-medley on powerplay since weeks and fortunately this came along before i started to pray for a tinnitus)

how could you not love him??

that’s the reason i love movies.

and a big shoutout to simmering!! lovely manatimum happy to have 🙂

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