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we break for nobody.

14 Dez

veggie OCD

12 Dez

There’s one major decision at the beginning of your pregnancy…are you going to listen or are you going to shut out the whole world. everyone and by everyone i mean EVERYone has something to tell…praise the first months, where everybody if not informed just tries to figure out if you got really fat and if so, if it’s appropriate to talk about it..well not in front of you ..where’s the fun in that…

…the minute it gets clear that you are growing another human being there are no boundaries left…“well yes i am’s 31 weeks by now…“ „you got to get an einlauf…immediately (clyster is the english word isn’t it? you now..“..well and that is the minute where you think, shit i should have told her i’ve stopped smoking and gained a ton…

so somebody told me in between dry nipples, stretch marks and haemorrhoids that the baby develops its taste inside your belly. so eat your vegetables and your fruits and voila you have a healthy veggie loving kid.

so i got a little veggie ocd…friends took pictures of my kitchen, carrots where piling up in the sink because there was simply no place left to store any…what i couldn’t eat, i juiced, what i couldn’t juice i smoothied, and so on…well and months later there she was…and you know what…she’s totally into roastbeef and ham, meat in every way, our refrigerator is only known as the ham-station, nothing else of interest in there…well and she loves butter, licked of a slice of wholemeal bread…so my advice to all the preggies out there:


and speaking of listening, don’t worry if you didn’t play mozart to your womb….it’s as loud as sleeping in a vacuum cleaner…she/he wouldn’t have heard it anyway…..