no sneezing in my direction.

26 Nov

well where to begin..the 3cheesehigh got a cold and last night she started coughing.. like badly…and gasping for air ..long details…we got the doctor on the phone and with urgent window opening and a run to the pharmacy everything went well…

As the glory princess, ruler of all mankind and destroyer of every working electronic device arrived at our door…(haha my door to be exact…if you know..)..i wasn’t prepared for much, yes we got her every furniture and toy available but i wasn’t prepared for the overwhelm in every direction…there is so much love and well so much guilt to go through…

and after punishing me for taking her to the supermarket and any other public place last week,  because cruel cruel world and all you people out there: wash your hair, change the side of the road if i am approaching and please don’t dare to even look at my butzi!



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