been there…

14 Jul

wolfmother at the arena open air with thunderstorm and rain, which left me soaked to the panty in less than 2 minutes. BUUUT what a concert if you don’t leave with a ringing sound in your ears and your head spinning…what happened to that? what happened to the youth? they all got rainjackets with them and not one was complaining about the volume or lack of it…THAT’s what you get if you feed them wholeweat bread and make them wear helmets while riding their bikes…an army full of sissies. merde. (by the way they ARE a brilliant live band. must be LOUDER.)

a week before on the other hand i watched a young woman living in a cage where she buried the sword which cut of her fathers head…waiting for her soulless brother to return and cut of her mothers head…who made human sacrifices so her guilty feelings over beheading her husband would disappear…and NO i have not been watching game of thrones (well i totally have but not THAT week…lord snow..anyone?…white walkers…brrrrr…jeoffrey…grrrrr)..i went to the opera to see elektra…which was a nice change from 5 hour wagner stuff…as it’s 1:45 long and without a break.. 🙂

me hates em.

30 Apr

well given the last month of unbelieveable funny cinematic home experience starting from logans run to outland and some other in the year 2525 visions… i must say somethings did happen and somethings don’t…well we sure ain’t flyin in cars but we got mobile phones and bad food…what nobody did predict was the energy saving lamp (is that what you call it? the energiesparlampefuck?)…imagine sigourney weaver running through the nostromo turning on the light and …… 10 minutes later a fucking funsl is burning…NOWAY.

if you are trying to break in and you have some idiot backup who pushes the light switch, no problem. you can enter, clear out the safe, make a sandwich, pee, water the flowers and be out and there is still no light. despite clearing out the safe thats what life is going to be for all of us…have i made my point. me hates em.

i want my bulbs back.


i guess i must be having fun.

16 Jan

it’s the official her majesty – queen of chicken breast cheek implants – exhusbands week in the household of w.

first sherlock, then cheyenne. sherlock was fun while it lasted, forgotten shortly afterwards but me likes her RDJ on a regular basis so keep him coming.

cheyenne was a total different deal. first: i‘ ve seen it twice in 5 days and second: THE SONG got stuck in my head. over and over again. and third: i still like it. (maybe because it’s playing louder than all the other songs my head is currently playing, theres an „arab version of the barbapapas – czech version of traktor tom – the mouse from mars theme“-medley on powerplay since weeks and fortunately this came along before i started to pray for a tinnitus)

how could you not love him??

that’s the reason i love movies.

and a big shoutout to simmering!! lovely manatimum happy to have 🙂

sie nannten ihn snail. snail plissken.

7 Jan

aus der kategorie: neulich im zoo, zweisprachig aufwachsen oder immer auf die schule schimpfen bringt auch nix…

also mutter zu dem kinde: und wie heisst die schlange auf englisch? kind: achselzucken, mutter: snail…mutter zu dem kinde: und wie heisst schnecke auf englisch? kind: achselzucken, mutter: snake…


we break for nobody.

14 Dez

veggie OCD

12 Dez

There’s one major decision at the beginning of your pregnancy…are you going to listen or are you going to shut out the whole world. everyone and by everyone i mean EVERYone has something to tell…praise the first months, where everybody if not informed just tries to figure out if you got really fat and if so, if it’s appropriate to talk about it..well not in front of you ..where’s the fun in that…

…the minute it gets clear that you are growing another human being there are no boundaries left…“well yes i am’s 31 weeks by now…“ „you got to get an einlauf…immediately (clyster is the english word isn’t it? you now..“..well and that is the minute where you think, shit i should have told her i’ve stopped smoking and gained a ton…

so somebody told me in between dry nipples, stretch marks and haemorrhoids that the baby develops its taste inside your belly. so eat your vegetables and your fruits and voila you have a healthy veggie loving kid.

so i got a little veggie ocd…friends took pictures of my kitchen, carrots where piling up in the sink because there was simply no place left to store any…what i couldn’t eat, i juiced, what i couldn’t juice i smoothied, and so on…well and months later there she was…and you know what…she’s totally into roastbeef and ham, meat in every way, our refrigerator is only known as the ham-station, nothing else of interest in there…well and she loves butter, licked of a slice of wholemeal bread…so my advice to all the preggies out there:


and speaking of listening, don’t worry if you didn’t play mozart to your womb….it’s as loud as sleeping in a vacuum cleaner…she/he wouldn’t have heard it anyway…..

me likes.

26 Nov

sensationelle idee heute am feschmarkt gesehen…sehr michel gondry.. 🙂

die leute von das viadukt hatten eine kartonkulisse aufgebaut in der man sich für eine schicke postkarte fotografieren lassen konnte mit sensationellen accessoires…und nachdem ich ja der weltbeste fotograf bin harhar hier eine ansicht der halben halle, der dame  an der kassa, des verlassenen fotoapparats und ein paar accessoires für die shootings:

im prinzip verlief das ganze wie das hier

und das schönste ist nachdem ich heute pleitegeier nicht mal mehr die 5 euro für das shooting hatte kann ich am bazar am 16ten im hotel am brillantengrund nochmal ran…

mein komplettzaster ging heut an 3 buttons von ahoi und diese unglaubliche krippe (DIE IS KOMPLETT AUS STANIOLFUZZAL SPINN ICH…und das foto auch wieder 1A):

no sneezing in my direction.

26 Nov

well where to begin..the 3cheesehigh got a cold and last night she started coughing.. like badly…and gasping for air ..long details…we got the doctor on the phone and with urgent window opening and a run to the pharmacy everything went well…

As the glory princess, ruler of all mankind and destroyer of every working electronic device arrived at our door…(haha my door to be exact…if you know..)..i wasn’t prepared for much, yes we got her every furniture and toy available but i wasn’t prepared for the overwhelm in every direction…there is so much love and well so much guilt to go through…

and after punishing me for taking her to the supermarket and any other public place last week,  because cruel cruel world and all you people out there: wash your hair, change the side of the road if i am approaching and please don’t dare to even look at my butzi!


another goofy goober in the house.

20 Nov

look who doesn’t live in a pineapple at bikini bottom any more. official new member of the w household.

dumbadumdum …clapclap… dumbadumdum clap clap

12 Nov

well that’s clearly the opening sound of the addams family…who may or may not be related to us…clearly none of us has the fierce look or dancing skills but sometimes my legs look like mr. it and mr. w sounds like lurch in the morning…so maybe…

meanwhile we hang around cementeries on cold sunny november afternoons…